Welcome To Star Trek: Supremacy

Star Trek Supremacy is The Successor To The Original Star Trek: Birth of The Federation.  The Creator of Star Trek: Supremacy, Mike Strobel, is in development of The Greatest and most Cannon Star Trek Gaming title ever to be made. 

Star Trek Supremacy will allow the player to play up to 6 Major Races over a massive galactic map.  The playable races includes The Federation, Romulans, Cardassians, Kilingons, Ferengi, and yes even The Dominion.  You will be put in charge of every aspect from handling Diplomacy, conducting Research, Colony Development, engaging in Espionage and controlling your entire military.  You have a Galaxy to Explore and enemies to conquer, but be cautious there are terrors out there... that will have you fight for your every breath.

Star Trek: Supremacy will also provide players with a advanced tactical system... that will have you on the edge of your seat.  Tactical combat will allow you to command entire fleets and engage them against massive enemy forces.  You can issue orders to every ship or have your commanders lead the attack.  its up to you.  Are you up to the challenge of defending your people or will you crumble?

Star Trek: Supremacy will bring to you... the most intense and canon Star Trek gaming experience you have ever felt. 

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